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With a background in teaching, Fiona, has always been drawn to writing for children.

Her main interests are the genres of time travel and historical writing, which she has drawn together in her first self-published novel, “Alfrida and the Saxon Sword”.
This is a story of a young girl, Alfrida, and her quest to save the world she knows from being destroyed, all set in the days surrounding the Battle of Hastings.
This novel is currently available on Amazon, so please follow the link on her homepage and download it!

She is currently busy writing the sequel, the further adventures of Alfrida, this time set mainly in the Tudor period.

Without the constant support and encouragement of the Waterside Writers, Fiona knows she would not have been able to progress this far in her writing.

Alfrida and the Saxon Sword

This is a thrilling story of one girl’s quest to save the world she knows from being destroyed by a cruel and ruthless Time Sentinel, Host Malador. When her father mysteriously disappears, Alfrida finds an ancient sword, which transports her back in time. She discovers that she has replaced her father as Guardian of the Time Keys. In order to rescue him and prevent the course of history being altered forever, she must find three of the ten Keys which are hidden throughout Time. Her friends are confident that she will succeed …but Alfie is not so sure.
With the backdrop of Saxon Britain, just days before the Battle of Hastings. the forbidding countryside provides no safe haven for them. King Harold is mustering his army and William the Conqueror’s troops are roaming the countryside, killing, looting and destroying everything in their path. With Host Malador seeking to destroy her, she begins a treacherous journey in search of the Time Keys.

Alfrida and the Saxon Sword (Kindle Edition) is available on

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