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About Peter

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Peter is an aspiring writer who took up writing in the early 1980’s. He took a place in a writing class in 1991, and his writing developed from strength to strength as time went on.
He became quite attached to comedy, science fiction, horror and the supernatural.
He finds it quite a challenge, taking on other genres, - except romantic pieces, which he’s not overly keen on.

Later, he took on a "What If" slant on certain themes (historical moments), which appear in magazines that he works on.

At the moment he is working on the longest story he has ever written - it is turning into a mammoth science fiction comedy involving an alien invasion, without the aliens. It should be quite interesting, with Chapters 1-16 written and titled ‘Consequences’.
A preview of Consequences (pdf) can be read here.

One of Peter's current works in progress tells of the adventures of Harry - and the small family of Peter and Sally.
Harry and the Horribles (pdf) is part I in this series ... the story so far.

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