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Astrophysicist, award-winning philatelist and small green pebble, Tim Joy is a consummate liar - which comes in handy when he writes stories.

Somehow, without him intending it, these turn out to be of the science fiction variety, but he hopes no-one will notice.

He hopes no-one will notice his poetry either.

Currently, he has several projects on the go, including a post-apocalyptic novel and a fantasy tale, which is getting out of hand.

Some examples of Tim's work can be opened / downloaded below:

Five Poems (pdf) - a few examples of Tim's poetry.

Underwaterfall (pdf) - a piece of work inspired by a FutureLearn creative writing course.

Three Fingers (pdf) - Tim's first fantasy novella, written in 1990.

Promotional Flyer (pdf) - summarising four of Tim's novels.

Please note that all work is copyright of Tim Joy (Waterside Writers).

Comments and critique can be sent by email to admin@watersidewriters.net

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